We convince ourselves of the condition of the boat or yacht on site.

boat check condition assessment checklist

E/M/S works Europe-wide with a team of independent, internationally renowned experts and is thereby able to provide a qualified expert for the requested boat / yacht within a very short time. E/M/S accesse experts who have distinguished themselves through different qualifications and certifications. Individual experts, for example, habe been awarded DIN EN ISO 17024 certification, certification by the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) or the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI). In any case, they all combine many years of professional experience.

On the basis of a detailed inspection catalogue our expert looks at the boat / yacht in detail. More than one hundred individual test indicators in various test categories provide clear information about visible defects. Whithin the scope of the BPC® Boat's-Paper-Check, all relevant and important papers relating to the boat / yacht are also inspected and recorded.

With our 1st Boat Check you receive a first meaningful instrument, on the basis of which you can make yourselves a precise and clear picture of your favoured boat / your favoured yacht. Purely factual facts, recorded free of your personal emotions, will show you at a glance the possible weaknesses.

The price is already included in the package for the 1st Boat Check.

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