Yacht expertise, Boat-Check from E/M/S

The E/M/S 1st Boat-Check and Yacht Inspection from E/M/S, the specialists for pre-owned boats and yachts

Boat/yacht surveys – neutral and independent by E/M/S

Boat inspectors and boat experts on behalf of E/M/S also inspect your boat neutrally and independently. E/M/S boat/yacht appraisals are the basis for the E/M/S test certificate: The E/M/S 1st Boat-Check, for example, the ideal test before buying a boat/yacht:


» the condition assessment of boats and yachts,
» the valuation of boats and yachts and
» the documentary check of boats and yachts.

Package prices

We guarantee fixed prices for all boat/yacht appraisals.
For the E/M/S 1st Boat-Check the prices are graded in 3 categories according to boat length.

Optional possible checks

Optionally, 1st Boat-Check as well as for all boat/yacht surveys with E/M/S test certificate, engine tests, rig tests, or other tests from our test programs are offered.

Basic elements E/M/S 1st Boat-Check and E/M/S Boat/Yacht Survey


When it comes to BPC Boot’s-Paper-Check, E/M/S is the no. 1 contact in Europe. According to the guidelines of the BPC ® Boot’s-Paper-Check all important and relevant documents for the boat / yacht are requested and viewed. A committee of experts deals with all topics that are important in this context. E/M/S also helps to solve complex issues.


  • Request of all important boat documents
  • Check for plausibility and completeness
  • Documentation and indications of deficits
  • Discussion and proposed solutions
  • Active support with the solution on request
  • Compilation of documents for insurance companies and banks
  • Reduction of future resale risks

We send our expert on site, who will take a calm and objective look at your commissioned boat / yacht. The entire assessment is carried out on the basis of a test catalogue, which is checked off point by point.


  • all inspections are carried out on site throughout Europe
  • only accredited experts
  • over 100 defined test points
  • clearly structured analysis
  • well organised summary
  • no unnecessary viewing appointments for you

We determine a realistic market value of the commissioned boat / yacht, taking into account our value tables, the further test results and an individual assessment by the commissioned expert.


  • neutral, independent and professional valuation
  • own E/M/S-algorithm serves for market value taxing
  • huge database
  • expert condition assessment
  • useful basis for the purchase price determination

E/M/S, competent & clear

The E/M/S test certificate is issued by us exclusively to the customer and is created tamper-proof. The E/M/S – traffic light system enables every user to immediately classify and evaluate all test criteria at a glance. This is appreciated by all customers, but especially by banks, insurance companies etc., as it makes work much easier.

E/M/S – Europe-wide network

Through the unique Europe-wide network of independent boat surveyors and boat experts E/M/S guarantees professional execution, promptly and efficiently!
All boat appraisals are carried out on site without exception. No boat expertise only based on descriptions and pictures sent to us!