Document verification

We take a close look at the boat or yacht and check the important papers.

E/M/S requests all important and relevant papers and documents from the seller, dealer or broker. The appointed expert on site will check the condition of the documents and will record whether they are available for inspection in the original or only as copies. The recorded images of these documents are presented to a panel of trained experts and are viewed and evaluated by them according to the guidelines of the BPC® Boot’s-Paper-Check.

These experts deal with the question of the chain of ownership, the classification, approval and registration of the boat / yacht as well as the present proof of VAT for the EU. E/M/S also uses international experts and specialised lawyers in the field of boat registration. Different regulations and treatment methods for boats and yachts in the various European countries require a trained eye here. Ignorance and good faith can quickly become a disaster for you.

Especially the proof for the sales tax paid in a member state of the European Union must be clear and unambiguous. Frequently used declarations in purchase contracts, such as “The seller assures that he or a previous owner paid customs duties and statutory VAT on the boat and equipment when first purchased or imported in an EU member state. read well and understandably, but do not have sufficient legal meaning as proof of VAT.

You will find the compiled results in a separate part of our 1st Boat-Check.

The price is already included in the flat rate for the 1st Boat-Check.

If you are already in possession of a current appraisal, you can also order the BPC® Boot’s-Paper-Check separately.
Please ask for prices.

In many cases, additional work can even be ordered within the time frame of the 1st Boot Check. If you order the BPC® Boot’s-Paper-Check at the same time, you may save the costs for the arrival and departure of the expert.