Purchase & Sales Assessment

Purchase or sales report

A sales or purchase survey carried out by our surveyor takes place at the mooring of the boat or yacht. Due to the realistic fact that the seller is less likely to commission a sales survey, a purchase survey is usually carried out. Such a survey is commissioned by the unsure buyer.


Test points of the purchase survey


Irrespective of whether the boat in question is on land or the yacht to be inspected is in the water, the detailed assessment is carried out on the basis of an inspection catalog comprising over one hundred points.

Meticulously all defects to be recognised are inspected, photographed and documented. The final written and pictorial documentation provides you with a clear overview of the boat.


Inspection, on land or in the water?


We recommend to have the inspection carried out on land. This way the surveyor can get a better overview of the underwater hull. The inspection on land also allows a closer look at the waves and drives of a motor boat. On a sailing boat, the entire keel can be inspected more closely.

The inspection on land is optimal if the boat or yacht was craned out of the water a good three days before.


Costs of a purchase survey


The exact costs of a purchase survey cannot be calculated exactly in a lump sum. The number and scope of the defects detected and their written and pictorial documentation determine the time required. However, our experts are willing to carry out this purchase survey in your presence. In this way, you can inform the surveyor at any time that a further survey of the boat or yacht in question is no longer relevant for you and that it is not necessary to continue. On the basis of a fixed basic lump sum as well as a fixed hourly rate, you can always keep an eye on the total costs.


Is a purchase survey worthwhile?


The investment to be made in a purchase report with regard to the follow-up costs that may be incurred later on is often relatively low. Small, undetected defects quickly explode into considerable problems or damage at great financial expense. At the latest then good advice is expensive.


When should a purchase survey be commissioned?


The expert network of the European Institute for Maritime Services, E/M/S for short, covers the whole of Europe. Surveyors and experts in the vicinity of almost every European marina are registered and listed with us. This gives you direct access to a suitable surveyor or expert in the immediate vicinity of your selected used boat or your preferred pre-owned yacht.
You should therefore commission a purchase report if our boat check recommends it or if you are otherwise sure that you are buying the selected boat or yacht.

Caution is advised if the seller submits an survey for sale or wants to commission one for you.