Further Options

Our expert on site also carries out other individual tasks for you.

E/M/S organizes a competent expert within the 1st boat check, who will take a look at the requested boat / yacht on site. In addition to our predefined options such as engine oil analysis or rigg check, you have the possibility to order individual tasks for our expert.

With this option you have the opportunity to extend our 1st boat check with individual additional services or to have a separate expert opinion prepared.

There are possibilities for e.g.:

  • a detailed condition assessment
  • an analysis of hydraulic oil and other lubricants
  • an ultrasonic measurement of the fuselage
  • an osmosis diagnosis e.g. by means of a moisture meter
  • a functional test of various aggregates
  • a trial run with extensive tests

Of course other additional services and options are available.


Get in contact with us and discuss your requirements.


Please ask for individual prices.


Additionally commissioned work can even be carried out in the time window of the 1st boot check. If you commission the work at the same time, you could save yourself extra costs for the arrival and departure of the surveyor.