Computer diagnosis for ship engines

Have your ship’s engine put through its paces by experts using state-of-the-art technology and independent of manufacturers.

In cooperation with SVBY Expertos S.L., engines, transmissions and other auxiliary units are analysed in detail for their condition using the most modern methods on the market and special software.

In parallel, the corresponding oils and coolants are examined in the laboratory.
During a test drive (sea trial) we then obtain knowledge of the most varied parameters under different load conditions of the engine.

We do not only rely on technology (laptop, software), but also use our senses, such as observing (vibrations etc.?) and hearing (sounds etc.?). This is a fine interplay between the human senses, technology and a good portion of experience.

The measured data and other findings are recorded in a detailed test protocol.
The diagnostic data itself is not meaningful for a layperson. The interpretation of all collected diagnostic data is then documented in a test report in a clear, precise and comprehensible manner for the client.

SVBY carries out the engine diagnosis independently of the manufacturer using adapters for all common engine manufacturers for connection to the laptop. This independence is also reflected in the corresponding evaluation of the engine condition and other aggregates.

The analyses themselves, including test runs and the preparation of the test report, are carried out by a publicly appointed and sworn-in expert (Dipl.Ing) for pleasure boats.

With SVBY, you can now access the decades of know-how and state-of-the-art technology available on the market for the analysis of marine engines throughout Europe.

With SVBY’s computer diagnosis for marine engines, you can reduce your risk of unforeseeable damage to the engine, gearbox, other auxiliary equipment, oils and coolants when buying a used motor yacht.

Optional for only 250,00 € / engine plus current hourly rate & additional travel expenses
When booking via E/M/S you will be treated with priority in terms of price and date.