Condition assessment

We convince ourselves of the condition of the boat or yacht on site.

E/M/S works together with a team of independent, internationally renowned experts throughout Europe and is therefore able to provide a qualified surveyor for the boat or yacht you request within a very short time. E/M/S has access to experts who have distinguished themselves through various qualifications and certifications. Individual experts are certified according to DIN EN ISO 17024, the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) or the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI). In any case, they all combine many years of professional experience.

With the help of a detailed inspection catalog, our expert will inspect the boat / yacht in detail. Over one hundred individual inspection indicators in various inspection categories provide clear information about visible defects. The BPC® Boot’s-Paper-Check also includes all relevant and important papers for the boat / yacht.

With our 1st Boot Check, you receive a first meaningful instrument that gives you a clear and concise picture of your favorite boat / yacht. Purely factual facts, recorded free of your personal emotions, show you at a glance any weaknesses.


The price is already included in the package for the 1st Boat-Check.