Valuation report

Our valuation report

A valuation carried out by our surveyors takes place directly at the mooring of the used boat or yacht. We at E/M/S are on site for you nationally and internationally. Rarely is such a survey commissioned by the seller. Usually the buyer orders it. A survey should be as up-to-date as possible and not older than six months.


Test points of the survey


The survey for a value survey can be carried out both on the boat standing on land and on the yacht lying in the water. In a report, the general condition as well as any easily recognizable defects are recorded. The report, which will be handed over to you later, will also include photos of the defects that have been noticed. The inspection of the watercraft is carried out on the basis of a detailed inspection catalog.

Our surveys are based on common valuation formulas, our own market observations and our own algorithm based on degression curves for various types of boats.


Survey, on land or in the water?


For a valuation, it is not necessarily decisive that the survey is carried out on land. A survey can be carried out just as easily for a yacht or boat that is in the water. For the exact valuation of the underwater hull it would be advantageous if the used boat or yacht were standing on land, but in practice it rarely has serious effects on the valuation. In practice, however, such a survey often takes place with a watercraft that lies in the water, whereby the condition of the underwater hull is also evaluated by means of observation.


Costs of a survey


The exact costs of a survey can be calculated quite accurately in advance due to the agreed scope. Thus you receive a clear statement about the expected costs. Our surveyors are required to place the execution of the order before considering the time required for this. This also assures you of a clear cost calculation in the event that our expert would need more time for the execution of your order than was originally assumed.


Is a survey worthwhile?


Since usually a valuation is commissioned by the buyer and only the buyer can see the results of the valuation, a valuation is always profitable.

If the survey reflects the purchase price, the buyer is free to negotiate the price. This also applies, of course, if the advertised purchase price is below the market value determined for the boat or yacht. However, if the determined market value for the used watercraft shows a strong disharmony to the advertised sales price, you should urgently enter into price negotiations. If the seller does not show any understanding for this, it is often recommended to take distance from the object of desire.


When should a survey be commissioned?


The surveyor network of the European Institute for Maritime Services, in short E/M/S, covers the whole of Europe. Surveyors and experts in the vicinity of almost every European marina are registered and listed with us. This gives you direct access to a suitable surveyor or expert in the immediate vicinity of your selected used boat or your preferred pre-owned yacht.

You should therefore commission a valuation report if our boat check recommends it or if you are otherwise so far sure to buy the selected boat or yacht.

Be careful if the seller submits a valuation report or wants to commission one for you.